And now for some architectural gossip: Fredy Massad has written some of the harshest things I’ve ever read about Bjarke Ingels, but, as it turns out, they’re actually friends on Facebook.

Well, that was a coincidence. I’ve just read on Kottke that, thanks to Bill Gates and Microsoft Research's Project Tuva, everyone can watch Feynman’s lectures on Physics, recorded by the BBC at Cornell University in 1964.

This blog began with a quote by Richard Feynman. Today I was searching for videos in Google and his name came into my mind. Here’s what I found.

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Take The World From Another Point of View – Part 1
Take The World From Another Point of View – Part 2
Take The World From Another Point of View – Part 3
Take The World From Another Point of View – Part 4

Richard Phillips Feynman - The Last Journey of a Genius

It Took a Genius

There's other stuff to see out there. Don't you love the internet?

Samparkour. An incredible journey through the megacity of São Paulo and some of its modern architectural icons. Main website at

Recently featured on Guardian online, this interactive guide created by English Heritage gives you the basics on what to do to improve the urban environment of your cherished historical town. It’s very traditionalist, I know, but the interface is really entertaining. I would leave the purple building, though. It’s the funniest house in the whole neighborhood.

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats. «When you have 3 cats you start to get to be that guy who has all those cats»... I know that feeling!

Fifty People, One Question. A simple idea. Go to a place. Ask fifty people the same question. Film their responses.
There’s something delightfully interesting about this. How often do we see anonymous people questioned on television about all sorts of issues? And what do we see, really? In the profusion of the mass media stream, how is the public portrayed?
Here is a cinematic exercise that breaks through the noise and the irrelevant to catch a glimpse of the essence of these individuals. Visit the main website at