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As if things weren’t slow enough around here, I’ve actually decided to start a new blog. It’s called Nowherescape and is focused on the issue of art and architecture in video games. The making of fictional landscapes – buildings, cities, planets – is becoming a central element of this new form of interactive entertainment. Games are starting to transcend the mere attainment of objectives to penetrate in the realm of inhabitance, architecture often becoming the driving force behind these simulated subjective experiences.
If this is a topic you find interesting, make sure to visit, bookmark, link or subscribe at your heart’s content. Hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Blogger Andrew 

    This is a very relevant topic in our current design world. Some of the best architectural minds are going straight into fictional design (movies, games, etc) and skipping the 'real' world design challenges of construction budgets, assembly, keeping the heat in and the rain out. It sounds awfully tempting sometimes...
    I look forward to following Nowherescape - congrats on the new blog.

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