Joshua Prince-Ramus - What if?

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Diagrams, diagrams. Don’t you just love diagrams?

Joshua Prince-Ramus, principal in charge at REX, is interviewed by Designboom just as the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre is about to open in Dallas. The interview extends both into the personal and professional areas of his life, covering the ascension at the Koolhaas talent factory and the culmination with his own practice in New York during the intense production of the Seattle Public Library.
Joshua refers the influence of OMA as the foundation to the design methodology developed by REX. Defying the very notion of authorship, architecture is faced as a process that transcends the definition of form and volume, embracing creative diagramming to rethink preconceived notions of building typology. The new Wyly Theatre is another example of this hyper-rational approach; and one that Prince-Ramus had already revealed during his conference at TED Talks in 2006. Also of interest is an additional video documenting the construction of the building's façade, a corrugated surface created by a series of aluminium tubes: The Wyly goes tubular. Construction details and some additional diagrams are also available in ArchDaily.

REX / OMA: Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre, Dallas, USA, 2006-2009. Image credits: Iwaan Baan.

2 Messages to “Joshua Prince-Ramus - What if?”

  1. Anonymous Andrew 

    What I enjoy most about the building is that it allows more possibility in theater. It may actually spawn new shows simply based on how the building functions. Rarely does architecture raise to the level of being such a catalyst.

  2. Anonymous inchirieri apartamente cluj 

    Great architecture! This kind of buildings could be used for different events. As Andrew said this tipe of architecture "allows more possibility in theater". It is an idea that is worth spreading.

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