Building upon the ruins of the future

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Image credits: David Hobcote, via IconEye.

The Ruins Of The Future is an interesting article by Sam Jacob on StrangeHarvest. The global uncertainty generated by the current economic crisis has exposed the ideological placelessness of the grand architecture being practiced in certain emerging economies.
As much as we may only speculate about how these urban settings will survive the aftermath of the post-oil economy, it seems reasonable to believe that these architectural manifestations will retain their timelessness through monumentality and fluid exoticism. And still, there’s something disquieting and dystopic about it, as this timeless quality appears not as a measure of perennity but of detachment. An architecture disconnected, whose true distinction lies in its absence to belong to a particular time and place. It’s the ultimate representational architecture, a tribute to abstract economic power without precedent in history. These may well be the long-lasting ruins of globalization.